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Is your iPhone top glass broken? iPhone won’t power on – got water damage?
We have been repairing iPhone since it’s first iPhone 2G phone hit the market. Qualified technicians, advance repair tools help us to pin point the issue at component level enabling us to only replace faulty component keeping the repair cost down and competitive.

If you do not know what is wrong with your iPhone, at a very small fee one of our expert service techs will be pleased to troubleshoot your ailing phone or gimpy gadget on the premises, and promptly provide you with a detailed estimate of what your repair will cost and how long it will take.

Data stored on iPhone is volatile – we advise all our customers to backup their contacts, pictures, emails and other critical information before leaving iPhone in for repair. We do have a in-house backup to CD/ DVD Service, for more information please ask in-store when booking your iPhone for repair.

Common iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS & 4G Faults:

Broken Digitizer. Top layer of iPhone is made of glass used as touchscreen. Accidental drop or bump can break this layer of glass resulting in non-responsive touchscreen.
Broken LCD. Display Screen is under the top layer of glass. Accidental damage can result in white lcd display or lines running across the display.
iPhone Not Charging. Accumulation of dust, fluff in the charging dock can damage internal connectors resulting in malfunction. Simple cleaning of connectors or replacement dock component can resolve this issue.
iPhone Not Holding Charge. Overtime, iPhone battery can lose its ability to re-charge/ hold charge. Battery replacement is required in this case.
Broken Power/ Volume Buttons. Regular wear n tear can cause these fragile buttons to break. We stock replacement buttons and can be replaced in no time.

Click Here: Complete List of iPhone Faults

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