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Is your computer behaving strangely — sudden crashes, spikes in performance, or other oddities?  There’s a good chance that spyware or viruses are part or much of the problem.

Viruses, Spywares, Malwares can slow down your laptop -or- pc, and can also secretly transmit your personal information to unfriendly person. It is essential to keep a clean computer to help it run faster and to keep your personal information safe.

At FixMyPC, We don’t believe in technical jargon - help you understanding the problem and suggest you a professional solution is our only primary concern.

Virus Removal Process:

  1. We use latest virus detection, and removal technologies to irradicate any "infections".
  2. Using various repair tools, we try to repair damaged file(s) - If necessary, we replace damaged files with fresh healthy files.
  3. We then ensure that your software is up to date and advise on what precautions you can take to minimise the risk of further attacks.

As part of our onsite virus removal service, we also check for what is called 'Adware' and 'Spyware', the latter of these can potentialy 'steal' your credit card details. The former, well we all know somebody who has suffered the dreaded 'Pop up' windows.

I have Important data, will I lose any of my pictures, emails or documents?

At FixMyPC, we pride ourselves in providing fast and reliable repair service and do our best to save your critical information because we understand the importance of your data. It is not always possible to save all the files particularly in virus infected laptop/ pc – depending on how bad the infection is - some infected file may get deleted or quarantined during virus removal process.

If data cannot be salvaged due to nature of fault we will inform you before proceeding with any repairs.

Can any virus be removed? What are the chances of getting infected again?

Not all viruses are removable. Depending on nature of virus or malware, sometimes there is no alternative but to do a complete wipe and re-install windows operating system ensuring 100% removal of virus or malware.

All your critical data will be scanned for infected files, and all infected files will be eliminated prior to restoring back to your laptop or desktop.

To make your system secure, we will install up to date patches and FREE Avast Antivirus with 1 Year of updates. We do recommend Norton Internet Security 2011 for complete online protection. (Requires a valid Norton Internet Security 2011 Licence)

Windows Installation without backup. Factory Restore.
No files and software will be saved. Laptop/ Desktop will be restored to orginal factory defaults.
€ 75
Windows Installation with backup.*
Documents, Pictures, Emails will be saved. Custom installed software will not be saved, and would need re-installation.

Customer would need to specify the files to backup including accounts packages etc while checking in the laptop or desktop for repair.
€ 95

* Service Terms & Conditions apply. Please ask staff member at check-in desk for more details.

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