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Is your LAPTOP running slow? Takes long time to start? We can optimize your laptop to work faster, so that you can work efficiently.

How it works
We have been troubleshooting laptops for years, and all that experience has helped to develop a procedure using latest technologies & software that can drastically improve laptop performance. FixMyPC qualified technicians will perform the following tasks:

Laptop Performance Optimisation: We will configure your laptop for optimum performance by removing unnecessary applications and processes that are slowing down your laptop start-up and hogging memory resources.

Software Review: Our experienced technicians can identify installed software that are slowing down your laptop, we can remove the unwanted software restoring system performance.

System Defrag: Overtime computer files on your hard drive can become disorganized, which can increase read & write times deteriorating laptop performance. We will defragment your hard drive which has the affect of reorganising your files and speeding up your laptop.

Security Optimisation: We will configure the security settings on your laptop to ensure that your windows operating system is
up to date with current security patches.

Windows Updates: We will configure & install latest updates for your windows/ mac/ linux operating system.

Review security settings: Review antivirus, antispyware and firewall settings.

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