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    Data Recovery | Lost Pictures, Accidental Deletion, Formatted Hdd - We can recover your files!  
Nothing in the world of computers is more a pain than losing your precious data!

It's true. Losing important and precious data has put many companies out of business. Yet, even today, it remains a serious flaw in many of todays computer security systems which are never optimized to take regular backups of their precious data.

Data can be lost due to a number of different reasons and it can become really tough to get it back. Alright, did we just say - get it back?
FIXMYPC.IE data recovery services at your rescue whenever you are facing a terrible situation like this.

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Types of Data Recovery:

  • Software Level. No physical damage to the storage media, but files got accidently deleted, formatted or didn’t unplug storage media safely.
  • Hardware Level: More severe type caused due to accidental damage, water damage, internal component failure, hard disk reading head failure. In these cases, we seek help of our partner data recovery companies who have specialised clean rooms enabling them to dismantle the storage media and perform data recovery.
  • Corrupted Documents: It can happen to anyone – you were working on very important word document or an excel spread sheet, saved your work but to your surprize when tried opening that very document again it comes up in gibberish!

    This can happen due to number of reasons, could be a faulty storage media or it could be simply due to bad sectors in your laptop hard drive. We can recover most type of corrupt documents – ms word, ms excel, pictures, outlook & outlook express emails etc. Sometimes only partial recovery is possible due to complexity of file formats. For more information, please call 01 5030441 or email
How can you lose data?
  • No Backup Policy. Most business does not have backup policies in place. We often encountered a situation where customer is 100% sure that all critical data is backed up but have no clue where? When? Or who does data backup. Worse, they have been using same backup media for years with no data verification.
  • Obsolete Backup Media. Some business are still using old backup media like DLT Tapes – which have never been replaced for years – in some cases same set of tapes are being used over n over for last 10 years. Whatever the media is – it has expiry date.  Get your backup system checked today – and save yourself from a nasty surprize!
  • Corrupted Storage Media. Most common cause of data loss, due to malfunction of storage media. External Hard Drives, Flash Cards, USB Memory Sticks can get corrupted due to number of factors ranging from accidental drop, improper removal from laptop or pc or simply end of life. We can diagnose the inaccessible media and perform data recovery – cost may vary depending on fault time.
  • Theft or Loss.  Everyday countless number of laptops, external hard disks, memory sticks gets misplaced or stolen – and along  goes the critical information stored on them. We can access your requirements and present you a solution which will not only offer failsafe  against this kind of data loss but also offer protection  - so that if you do lose your laptop, memory stick or a hard drive no one would be able to access your critical information. Give us a call today 01 5030441 or email





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