XBox 360

Got a Red Ring of Death? XBox not powering on? Got video but no sound? Not reading discs? If the answer is YES – you probably need the help of an experienced Xbox 360 repair center. FixMyPC will get you right back in the game!

As a professional Xbox 360 repair service we will not only meet but exceed your expectations in terms of the speed, quality, and cost of your Xbox 360 repairs. We cover most of the kildare, and have outlets in Maynooth Co. Kildare, Edenderry Co. Offlay and Trim Co. Meath.

Just a little more….

XBox 3 Red Lights (Red Ring of Death)
Is your XBox flashing 3 red lights around the power button? This fault is very common in xbox 360 & elite models – caused due to overheating of inner components, and prevents main menu to load.

XBox 2 Red Lights
Is your XBox flashing 2 left red lights around the power button? This fault is caused due to system overheating, we have compatible parts in stock for all xbox models to complete repairs professionally.

XBox 1 Red Lights or E74 (Error 74 – GPU Failure)
Black screen with error code E74? Error 74 is commonly associated with 1 red light on the power button caused due to malfunction of internal chips. There are many types of E code errors – book your xbox today with  and give your xbox a new life!

Distorted Graphics
Experiencing fuzzy or distorted graphics during gameplay? While playing your favourite game display goes fuzzy, restarting xbox may solve the problem for short term but as time passes by problem will get worse. This issue is caused due to faulty hardware inside your xbox.
Give us a call today to book your xbox for repair – we carry most parts in stock and will be able to fix your xbox fast!

XBox Freezing during Startup or during Gameplay
Does the XBox freeze randomly during gameplay? OR Stuck at startup? It is most annoying thing that can happen when your are playing your favourite game and just about to clear the final stage.
This issue starts out happening from time to time but after a while it becomes more frequent.  Using special diagnostics equipment in-house we can correctly identify the root cause and repair/ replace the faulty parts only – keeping the repair cost down.

XBox overheating.
Is the fan noisy or running at high speed? XBox does produce a lot of heat, and overtime dust, hair and other particles can block the vents and fans causing xbox to overheat.

Overheating is a very common issue, and if not resolved at earlier stage can cause damage to xbox components – resulting in E74 Error or the dreaded 3 Flashing Red Lights (Red Ring of Death). Book your XBox for diagnostics today!

XBox Disc Tray Jammed or Disc’s getting scratched when inserted in XBox.
Can’t open the disc tray? Did you favourite game dvd got scratched? Mechanical failure with disc loader or laser alignment can cause disc jamming or scratch the game disc surface. We can re-align the laser to stop scratching  xbox game dvd surface. Jamming of xbox disc tray can be resolved by using special plastic lubricant or by replacing damaged mechanism.

Book your xbox for repair today – call us 015030441 or email is

XBox not reading games/ discs.
Can hear the disc spinning but not reading games? Overtime laser lens simply wears out and has to be replace – this is very common fault all types of consoles XBOX, PS3, PSP & Wii. We carry stock for all the common models, and our technicians will have a new original laser installed in no time – generally 24 hours turnaround.

Give us a call today, and book your console for laser lens replacement!

XBox has no Picture but you can hear sound!
Can hear the game playing  but nothing on the screen? You can try plugging XBox into a different know good T.V. – still nothing? Try with different compatible cables.  If you still have no picture – it is possible that graphics chip on your XBox motherboard is malfunctioning.

No Sound but can see the picture on screen?
 You can try using different T.V or different set of cables. After trying above suggestion if you still cant hear anything  then it is most likely hardware related.
Give us a call today to book your XBox for diagnostics.

XBox won’t power on – Seems Dead!
Is you XBox not turning on when power button is pressed? When power button is pressed nothing happens – no sound, no LEDs come on.  This can be caused due to faulty AC adapter or faulty XBox internal power board. At our lab we can test XBox for power faults – replace AC adapter or power supply unit if needed.

XBox controller problem – Buttons, JoyStick acting funny!
Controllers are not detected by XBox? To ensure that problem is with XBox not just a faulty controller – try using a known working controller (fully charged), if you are still experiencing the same issue then XBox system is at the fault. Our qualified team can quickly resolve this for you – we also stock genuine XBox controllers if needed.

XBox network issue – Can’t connect to internet or XBox Live!
Problem connecting to XBox Live via internet? If you cannot connect to internet via XBox, it is most likely related to network settings or a faulty network cable.

We can call down to your house and troubleshoot the internet connectivity –  book a house call today.

XBox wireless setup – Go Wireless!
Set your XBox free, connect to internet wirelessly – download games, watch movies and play online.  XBox connected to wired internet cable cannot be moved and limited to length of cable. By adding a wireless adapter to your XBox you can enjoy wireless freedom – call us for a free consultation today!

XBox HDD Failure – Clicking noise, XBox freeze during game play.
Did you get E67, E68, E69 Error? It could be a problem with your HDD or a problem with internal connection to the Hard Disk. You may notice a strange sound coming from the XBox or you may be greeted with “E67, E68 or E69 Error” – hopefully it is caught in time.

We stock a range of replacement hard disks for your XBox in variety of sizes. We can remove you faulty hard drive – copy your data to a new hard disk and reinstall it – It will be working as new.

Book your XBox for repair today – give us a call 015030441 or email

XBox liquid/ physical damage.
Had  an accident? Did you accidently spill coffee or cola on your favourite XBox? Ouch! Accidental spillage is not covered under manufacturer’s warranty. Don’t panic – we can check for liquid damage, test your Xbox with fresh batteries, clean XBox motherboard and have it working like new in no time.

We can even replace broken plastic body – call us today or drop into one of our repair centres for consulatation.

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