PC Upgrade And Custom Build

If you’ve owned your PC for couple of years – you might feel that it is getting slower and slower as the years stack up.

It is not running new software as well as you expected or it takes ages to start up? If you are experiencing these issues then you may need to upgrade your PC so that it can satisfy memory & graphics requirements for latest software.

There are range of upgrades available – these can include sound cards, graphics cards, internal hard drives, RAM, Blu-ray Discdrives and CPUs*. FixMyPC technicians will perform bench mark tests on your desktop and advise you on upgrades available for your desktop – we will then install & configure selected upgrades in one of our service centres.

*Subjected to installed motherboard compatibility.


Want to surf internet wirelessly? Add wireless functionality to your desktop.

Wireless functionality is generally limited to laptop or portable computers, adding a external USB or internal PCI wireless card to your desktop computer can enable you to surf internet wirelessly.

Got more than one computer?

We can configure your home network using your existing wireless router allowing file and printer sharing over home network.

Want to share mobile broadband?

In hard reach areas broadband is not always available, so you went and got mobile broadband – which is ok if you have only one computer.

What if you have more than one computer at home? Now you can share mobile broadband (O2, Vodafone, 3 Network, Eircom) with other members of your house using 3G Router – creating wireless network for everyone to connect and surf internet at the same time.

Want to connect your computer to TV?  We can fix you up with just the right gear!
Using the right cable, it is possible to transfer laptop display and sound to the TV. You can watch movies, surf internet, listen to music or show pictures to your friends and family on your TV – bigger display and powerful sound system does make the difference!


*Please note any hardware required must be purchased separately – we offer complete installation and configuration for  desktop wireless upgrade, home network installation, 3G Broadband Sharing, PC to TV connection services. For more information, please call 015030441 or email info@fixmypc.ie.