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Extend your business productivity with a powerful network.

Having a network is one thing. Having a network that is secure, available and functioning properly is quite another. If your network isn’t doing the job, it was built to do – then it might be time to look at the whole thing and make some adjustments to improve performance.

Network Security: Ensuring access while also keeping intruders out.
Today’s network planners have a challenge: How to offer robust network access while still keeping out intruders and other security threats. It’s not simply a case of putting up a firewall – firewalls can be breached.

FIXMYPC helps ensure your network security with a three step approach:

  • Assess your vulnerabilities – We look at your entire network, top to bottom, and especially all the points from where data either enters or leaves the network. We also review your security policies. From all this we create a comprehensive assessment of where and how your network is vulnerable.
  • Eliminate threats – We propose and then implement remedial action to address the vulnerabilities and be sure your network is safe from external as well as internal threats.
  • Ensure policy compliance – Since a network is a living, changing entity, it must be continuously monitored. Regular routine checks must be done to be sure that security policies are being followed by everyone in the organization.

Got multiple locations? Now we can help you collaborate.
If your business has multiple locations, you probably don’t need just a local area network (LAN) but you could also use a WAN (wide area network) so all your offices and all workers are able to access the same information and collaborate more effectively.

  • Network convergence – ITES will make sure all the various pieces of your network – e.g., routers and switches – are up to date and compatible.
  • Quality of Service – ITES will work with you to establish and maintain quality of service standards governing network availability, latency and other factors that affect the user experience.
  • WAN compression – Your organization can save money by using a WAN to connect offices rather than paying a service provider for data transfer.

Want to share your broadband or 3G Modem?
One easy and obvious cost savings is to share your broadband connection among multiple users. All you need is one connection, which can then be delivered via wireless network to everyone in your home or office.

Share printers and scanners
It’s redundant to have multiple printers at individual desks when you can have one better quality printer accessible to all.

Remote access to your systems
Your files may be on your desktop computer – but what happens when you’re travelling? With remote access, you could get into those files and work with them. In addition, your main office could use remote access to retrieve files from branch offices.

Networks today: high power, low cost
Networking costs have dropped considerably in recent years, and wi-fi networks are common, powerful and secure – and they don’t require laying wires in your office.


Website traffic filtering. Stop unwanted websites – protect your business or home.
I don’t need to filter web traffic,  I trust my employees. We occasionally hear this argument use of web content filtering and it is great to hear- but things aren’t that simple.  Web content filtering does not need to be overly restrictive to be effective.

A good web content filtering solution will allow you to filter content based on your organizations acceptable use policy so that you can continue allowing your employees free access to the Internet with the exception of inappropriate and dangerous sites.
At home, with web filtering you can allow your family to surf and play on internet safely.

  • Block porn
    and other bad web sites
  • Set time limits on computer &
    Internet use
  • Block programs like games and IM
  • Monitor Internet activity & know where your kids go online.

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