Backlight / Inverters

Got a broken laptop LCD? Don’t let a broken or cracked laptop LCD screen to decide end of your laptop’s working life!

Accidental damage due to a fall or often simply closing the laptop cover down on an object such as head-phones, book or pen is extremely common. At FixMyPC we specialise in replacing broken LCD screens and restoring your Laptop to as good as new.

Contact us now to get a quote on replacing your broken screen. We offer a 3 day turn around on all LCD repairs. We can offer LCD replacement service nationwide with collection and delivery directly to your home.

No display? Laptop LCD suddenly went black or dim display?

If there is no visible damage to your laptop LCD, then one or more of the following can be cause:

No Display: When pressing power button, LED light up but can’t see display or LCD is black – it can be a possible motherboard fault, or graphics card fault. We have encountered this particular issue in HP Pavilion DV Series (dv2000, dv6000, dv9000).

Dim Display: Laptop LCD’s require backlight to brighten the display, dim or a very dark display can indicate backlight or inverter failure.